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Mobile danger is around!

Number of mobile phone users in the world is still growing; from 56 percent of world population in 2013 it increased to 58 percent in 2014. In 2017 the number  of mobile phone users would reach 63%. Several negative effects of excessive use of mobile devices are known but mostly neglected . Many articles discuss only  psychological, social and behaviorist aspects. However, the root of all evil is more fundamental. Even if the radio waves from mobile phones are too weak to heat the cells and by that damage them, their impact lays not in change of behavior and social life but in change of biochemistry and electromagnetism of the human body.
First, even weak  radio waves can affect cell behavior.  Human skin cells produce 580 different proteins. Scientists discovered that the balance of two of them changed after a 1-hour phone call:   "one protein increased by 89 percent, the other decreased by 32 percent". Without heating "molecular level changes take place in response to exposure to cell phone frequency electromagnetic radiation" (New Scientist February 23, 2008), and nobody knows yet how the change of protein balance affects the biochemistry of the whole body. The  role of all those proteins is not defined as well as the genes which are responsible for the production of each one. The new results do not necessary mean that radio waves have negative effects, "but it does mean that the human body recognizes this low-level radiation and reacts to it" ( Leszczynski).
Second, it is well known that mobile phones  can interfere with sensitive electromagnetic devices such hospital equipment and airplane navigation systems. Brains are also sensitive electromagnetic devices. So the radio waves must somehow affect them. And they are. In June 2003 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives there was a study,  showing that those radio waves damage neurons in the brains of rats. There's no similar results for humans, but it is proved that mobile phones affect alpha and delta patterns of the brain waves. The study from the Brain Science Institute in Melbourne proved that when the cell phone was transmitting, the alpha-waves pattern of a brain significantly increased. Alpha-waves pattern increases when the person shifts his attention from external world to internal thoughts. That means mobile phone not only  divert the attention; they are physically responsible for the destruction.
With delta waves the situation is even more dramatic. The experiments from Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre in England showed that delta waves pattern remained depressed for almost one hour after the phone was shut off. This prolonged effect which stays after the switching off is responsible for insomnia. In the experiments special devices creating phone emition were used. The subjects, sleep deprived a night before, stayed awake for an hour after the "call" was over. "This was a completely unexpected finding" (Horne), which means that a lot of unknown post-effects of mobile phone uses can take place.
In many books and movies mobile phones become a tool which allows to control brain functions and human behavior. In well-known book "Cell" by Steven King  written in 2006 the mobile phones are used to make humans a flock of senseless indolent animals. In the movie "Kingsman: The Secret Service" Richmond Valentine offers a free SIM-card to the population. This card can produce specific signal which makes people around so aggressive and cruel that they kill each other. What scientists say about the possible brain control through the mobile phones?
Indeed,  the technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) sends powerful impulses into different parts of the brain and so excites or jams certain brain circuits. The radio waves from mobile phones are much weaker. However,  the question about the possible direct brain control by mobiles is still open, because "cell phones in talk mode seem to be particularly well-tuned to frequencies that affect brainwave activity" (Horne).
In the Vysayan Sea, about 6,8 km from the northernmost tip of Cebu island, lays a small island of Malapasqua. The island lives in 19th century and is used as a very good and cheap resort. There's no shops there, but only hotels and dive centers. No auto roads. The only available transport there is motorbike. There's no electric power lines, and electricity is available 24 hours only in high-end hotels. There's no hot water ; the hotel managers call it "natural". Nevertheless, the one sign of civilization exists. It is a transmitting tower.
If the emition from one handy device is quite low, the impact of a transmitting tower is more powerful. New Zealand doctor Dr. Eklund checked medical reports and found 37 leukemia clusters "in and around radio and TV transmitters around the world". Studies to find connection between cancer rate and radio waves exposure were held in different cities, including San-Francisco, cities of Austria, Germany and Israel. They shown that living "near an antenna increases the risk of cancer from 2 to 121 times depending on the type of the cancer". The energy of cell phones was classified as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" (International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC) in 2011, but still there's a lot of propaganda about the definite safety of mobile devices.

In conclusion, it is necessary to stress that mobile phones is only the visible part of the iceberg. Humans are surrounded by radio waves, electric and magnetic fields. The electronic devices around produce them, and almost nobody is aware of their existence and power. The negative effect might appear after several generations. Should the human continue developing IT-technologies and creating more sophisticated and useless electronic devices like, for example, a driver-free car or an Internet-connected refrigerator or it is time to start thinking about more nature-looked civilization? This is the question, and for the humankind it has the same meaning "to be or not to be".

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